Wet Shave Kit – Why is it Still One of Life’s Little Luxuries

Wet Shave Kit

Everyone deserves some little luxuries in life. Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of modern living, we barely have time to smell the roses and enjoy the simple luxuries life has to offer.

Thanks to the renaissance of the wet shave, the hair removal method practiced by our fathers and grandfathers, men of our generation are given the chance to enjoy the luxury of a ritual that was almost killed by technology and that is why the wet shave kit is still one of life’s little luxury. 

What Is Inside A Wet Shave Kit?

A wet shave kit has these essentials; a double-edge safety razor or a straight razor, scuttle shaving brush and shave cream or soap.

Double-Edge Safety Razor 

A double-edge safety razor is a shaving implement consisting of a metal or wood handle and a single blade held between two metal headpieces. A quality double-edge razor will bring about a closer shave not equalled by a cartridge razor or a battery-operated razor or trimmer.

Straight Razor 

The straight razor is what you see being used by barbers. This is also the choice of guys who have learned the art of wet shaving and consider themselves an expert in the art. It is alternately called cut throat razors or open razors for a reason. Although they provide the closest shave you'll ever get, learning to use it needs a lot of practice. You’ll feel safer using the double-edge safety razor. 

Shaving Brushes

The shaving brush has a very important function in the wet shaving routine. It is used to whip up the shaving cream into a thick consistent lather that you slather over the area to be shaved to soften the hair and make the skin slick so that the blade can glide smoothly. As you apply the cream, the shaving brush also removes the dry and dead skin and lift the hair to prepare it for cutting. Some wet shaving aficionados consider using a good-quality shaving brush as the most essential and at the same time enjoyable aspect of wet shaving.

Shaving brushes come in different types or material; there are badger hair brushes, boar hair brushes and synthetic hair brushes. Experts swear badger hair brushes are the best.

Shaving Brush and Shaving Soap

Shaving Soaps / Creams & After Shave Products

Shaving soaps or creams not only make the shaving process smoother and therefore closer, most shaving creams and soap have moisturizing properties that prevents your skin from drying. They also smell manly yet heavenly, that will not only awaken your senses in the morning but will also be a big come on to the ladies. 

After shave products are suppose to close the pores of the skin and take care of the nicks and cuts that have resulted in the shave especially if you're not yet such an expert. Splashing an after shave all over your face also gives you a refreshing and clean feeling. 

What Exactly Is A Wet Shave And Why Is The Wet Shave Kit Still One Of Life’s Little Luxuries?

Back in the old days, wet shaving was considered an art and was handed down from one generation of male descendants to the other. In the passage of time, as man becomes more engrossed in the concerns of daily living, and with the advent of technology that makes shaving a mundane task and a necessary evil, the art of wet shaving slowly died.

In layman’s term, a traditional wet shave is a facial hair cutting method through which your face stays wet all throughout the process with a shaving cream or soap lathered by a shaving brush, and where you use a single-blade razor which can either be a straight razor or a safety razor to cut the facial hair. 

Wet Shaving Is An Art

It is an art that requires skill. The slow methodical movement of the blade over your skin smoothen by the lather of the cream or soap requires craftsmanship and adroitness that you learn as you continue to wet shave. It will connect you to your forefathers who have enjoyed such luxury during their time.

Barber Practicing the Art of Shaving

A Wet Shave Is A Luxury 

Can you explain why in spite of all the men salons that cater to the men who are into looking good, barber shops still exist? Most men all over the world visit their barber not exactly for a haircut, but for that luxury and pampering of a wet shave.

With a little practice you can enjoy such luxury in the privacy of your own bathroom, like your father and his father before him used to do. Fortunately, acquiring a wet shaving kit is not a problem. Although a wet shave kit is still one of life’s little luxury, they are now accessible and easy to buy either in shops or mostly on the internet. 

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