Terrible Male Grooming Habits – The Top 5 that Most Women Hate

Male grooming has become a million dollar industry that almost rivals female grooming. But not all males are equal, which accounts for male grooming swinging like a pendulum, from one extreme to the other. There are males who walk around with sculpted brows and smelling like a perfumery...and there are males who seem to have an allergy with a shaver or a nail clipper.

From a female perspective, it is really hard to decide what annoys us most….a date who smells like he has just came from a basketball match without visiting the locker or a guy who reeks of Armani 200 meters away from the wind.

To avert a fiasco by getting up your date’s nose, let me give you 5 of the most terrible male grooming habits that women hate, and what to do to correct them. 

5 Terrible Male Grooming Habits that Women Hate

1. Reeking like a perfume counter

Too much of anything is not good! And too much cologne on a dude is nauseating, and worse, a major turn off. Don’t believe the ads, they are lying. Sorry to disenchant you, your date won’t fall into your arms swooning. More likely, she will fall on the floor wheezing ( if she has asthma).

The key to cologne use is moderation and knowing which scent works well with your skin. A spritz on pulse points and maybe on your cuff or collar ( for that after dinner clinch where it will really counts) is more than enough. 

2. A fake tan

Of course it’s great to look like you live in the tropics all year round, all brown and tanned. And I don’t say that using that tanning lotion is bad, as long as it doesn’t look fake. A great fake tan looks authentic with no telltale giveaways such as an orange palm, or a stained stubble. 

Invest in a mitt and wear them as you spray or rub on a tan from a bottle. Also, apply a small dose of Vaseline on your beard before applying the tan and then brush the dross away with a beard brush after the application.
Also, a bad fake tan, one of the most terrible male grooming habits that women hate, leaves stains, on the neck of shirts, on the bed sheet and even on the couch, worst if it leaves a stain on your date’s palm.

To avoid this, apply a tanner sparingly. It’s not true that more is best. Anything that your skin cannot absorb will transfer to your clothes or anything that your skin gets in contact with. 

3. Untamed grizzly beards 

Untamed grizzly beards or even worse, a wizard beard is not at all a turn on, unless you’re auditioning for the role of Gandalf or you’re after Mrs. Claus. One of the most terrible male grooming habits that women hate is wild, overgrown beard that looks like a razor is running after you.

A well-trimmed facial fur with just the right length, however, is an attention-grabber. To keep those whiskers in check, therefor, you need to regularly trim and wash it. Using a conditioner every once in a while will not go amiss at all. Also, go and visit your barber once a month or even once every 6 weeks to maintain the proper length of your beard.

4. Manscaping down there to the roots

If women grooms down there, why can’t men do? Of course you can. In fact it is healthy and quite pleasing to a bed partner especially if it’s well scrubbed. But taking manscaping of your pube hair to the roots by waxing could alienate your partner rather than turn her on.

Most women are appreciative of the clear-cutting effort, but unless it is done without leaving a rash on the scrotum from waxing or you can keep the regrowth stubble soft instead of wiry, be content with a trim down there.

5. Untrimmed nails 

Long and untrimmed nails, whether they are fingernails or toenails are a big no-no. One terrible male grooming habits that women hate is allowing nails to grow as long as Rihanna’s talons. No woman likes to see a man with scruffy nails. In fact, for some women, nails are the first thing they check out on a guy. This holds true for both fingernails and toenails.

Investing in a good quality nail clipper and nail file to keep your nails short, clean and tidily trimmed is the solution. A word of caution though, toe nails should not be cut too short since it could be the cause of complications such as ingrown nails. 

I’m not saying that these 5 are the only terrible male grooming habits that women hate. There are many more. But for now, let’s concentrate on these 5, follow the suggested courses of action, and see if it won’t improve your batting average in the dating scene.

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