Some Manly Advice: Look and Smell Fantastic

Do looks and scent matter? Oh, yes, they do! Looks and scent matter in every aspect of your life; personal, social, professional. If you take time to smell and look good, it's an indication that you take care of yourself and you pay heed to other people’s opinions and feelings. It also shows self-awareness and professionalism.

Can you think of anyone who wants to date or hire an untidy and smelly person? So, as a manly advice; look and smell fantastic. It is important to take your physical appearance and the way you smell seriously.

We are not saying that looking and smelling fantastic is all that matters, and that men should be measured or judged purely on how they look and smell. Character does matter a lot. But upon first impression, it’s physical attractiveness that wins. 

I. In the Looks Department 

There is more to being attractive than good looks and there are things that you can do even if genetics did not provide for it. You don’t even need a fat wallet to look sensational. Of course, any guy can look fantastic if he has thousands of dollars to spend on fashion consultants and custom tailors. Looking snazzy is not a prerogative reserved only for men earning six figures. And to look good, you don’t even have to wear the latest fashion from the top-named designers.

Some men, look repulsive but are rich and famous, which more than compensate for what they lack in the looks department. On the other hand, there are blokes who are not rich or famous or maybe not even handsome or good looking, but have such amazing style that make them very attractive to women.

To be that kind of guy, you need to try a bit harder than the rich guy. Fret not! Here are some manly advice that will make you look fantastic without breaking the bank:

Manly Advice; How To Look Fantastic

Although clothes do not make a man, it is the first item in the agenda in the looking fantastic business…. wearing the right kind of clothes.

Inspect your closet and check out what is and isn’t in there that will bring you to your goal on a limited budget.

Next step is to determine what you need and then go on a shopping spree, but keeping in mind the following; 

Temper your expectations

Remember this is no quick fix. Looking fantastic on a shoestring budget will not come easy nor fast.Your aim should be to develop a personal style with a wardrobe that will enhance your assets and conceal your imperfections. This means shopping for the right clothes that will upgrade your style but at a cost that you can afford.

So, you should be realistic and accept that there are things that you can’t have, however great it looks on you. Your best bet would be to hold out and wait for it to go on sale or rely on thrift shops.

Well, patience is a virtue!

Styles and Choices

Fit and Alterations

Figure Out What “Creating Your Own” Look Means

Invest In Quality Basics

As you bargain around for clothes that will help you create your own unique look or style, there are some basic items that you should invest on. These are pieces of clothes that will be the nucleus of your wardrobe.

For most men, a pair or two of quality jeans and trousers, several sweaters or jackets, a couple of good shirts and a suit for formal or business occasion would constitute the basics or core of his wardrobe.

When you choose real quality for these basic items, pairing them or working with them with the other inexpensive items in your wardrobe will still give you the unique look you want to create, but with more pizazz and chic. 

Timeless Fashion Or Style


Style differs from man to man, depending on professional requirements and personal taste. But these items are the basic or core of almost every guy’s wardrobe

  • Suits for formal or business occasions - It all starts with a suit. When the occasion calls for it, you should have a good quality suit to wear if you want to look your best.
  • The quintessential jackets or blazers - Include a few jackets or blazers in your wardrobe for those occasions when you need to be dressy but not exactly formal.
  • Collared shirts - A dress shirt with a turned-down collar is a basic and goes with the suit. It is also prudent to have some collared shirts and not be too dependent on the old T-shirt.
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    Leather shoes - A pair of leather shoes is a must for those formal or business occasions. And also, wearing leather shoes with blue jeans paired with an old work shirt is a stunningly chic fashion statement.

With these quality basics you have the option of looking your best in the traditional and conservative way when called for. And yet, it will also be easy for you to break from the old fashion rules and create your own unique look.

II. In The Scent Department

The highest form of compliment in any man’s book is to be told how wonderful he smells!

Being called handsome or good looking is of course a great confidence booster, but you really won’t be able to tell if the compliment giver is faking it or telling the truth.

But to be told that you smell fantastic, that means that she ( I am assuming it’s a she) is up close and personal, and has had a sniff of you. That can’t be faked!

To deserve and get this superlative praise, you have to smell good, in fact you don’t have to smell good only, you have to smell breathtaking.

Manly Advice: How To Smell Fantastic

Smelling fantastic is not only about wearing scent or cologne. There are more basic considerations in the smell department …… the smell of your breath and the smell of your body, before you can even go to what cologne to wear.

Bad Breath


The first step in dealing with bad breath is to recognize that there is a possibility that your breath is not as fresh as you imagine it. Unfortunately, we can’t smell our own breath. You will need somebody close to you - who won’t lie to you - such as your best friend or your Mom, for this assessment.

Causes Of Bad Breath

  • Food particles left in the teeth increases bacteria that lead to bad breath
  • Smoking
  • Mouth sores, infection, sinuses
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    Poor dental​​​​ hygiene
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  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    Dry mouth
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    Other causes

How To Deal With Bad Breath

  • Brush your teeth after every meal. And if possible, floss at least twice a day.
  • Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper (I do this after brushing my teeth) 
  • Drink gallons of water
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    Get a new toothbrush every two or three months
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    See your dentist regularly for cleaning 
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    Make it a habit to gurgle with a mouth wash

If bad breath persists, see your doctor.

Body Odor


Every one of us has our own particular body scent or odor. The key is to deal with it scrupulously so that you come out smelling wonderful and fantastic.

How To Deal With Body Odor

Cleanliness is the foundation of a fantastic smell. Take a shower regularly if you can’t have one everyday. While you are at it, use the right kind of soap, bar or liquid does not matter, but choose one that leaves you feeling fresh and clean-smelling even hours after your bath.

While taking a shower, shampoo your hair too.

As long as we are in the subject of cleanliness, besides keeping your body clean, the clothes you wear should also be clean. Wearing smelly clothes after a refreshing shower negates the effect of the shower.

Once you’re squeaky clean, apply a deodorant on your armpit, your feet and other parts of your body where you sweat profusely. Deodorants/antiperspirants prevent body odor brought about by the breakdown of bacteria due to sweat.

A word of precaution, avoid using deodorant or antiperspirant with overpowering scent. Sometimes the natural odor of the body classes with these types of deodorant,resulting in an unpleasant smell rather than the delightful smell you’re aiming for. Stick to unscented deodorants or maybe even one that is only mildly scented.

Smell Fantastic

Now, for the pièce de résistance, your own personal scent coming from a bottle, a cologne! Some self-professed style gurus frown on men using a scent.

I love scent in my man!

But choose your cologne with care…..maybe something mild with just a hint of musk or one with a fresh lemony scent maybe. Whatever it is, it should be a scent that will blend beautifully with your own clean personal smell.

And don’t douse yourself with it either. Maybe a short spritz at the back of the neck and on the wrist will do. Your date should only get a whiff of it when she leans in and become up close and personal. 


These manly advice on how to look and smell fantastic are indisputable, but they are by no means the only ones. There are some nitty gritty details that need to be done to achieve that goal such as cleaning behind the ears, having clean and well-maintained nails, well-groomed hair and more. But the most basic is still personal hygiene. 

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