Why The Old Fashioned Shaving Kit Is Back!

When technology invaded man’s daily shaving ritual, multi-bladed throwaway razors took the place of old-fashioned razors our grandfathers and great grandfathers used to remove the fuzz from their mug. At first it was welcome with open arms by the male population; it was convenient, fast and cheap.

After years of enduring a bad shave and razor burns and realizing that the high-tech cartridge razor is not really doing a great job, the men of our generation are slowly rediscovering the advantages of using the old-school razor and the traditional way of shaving. That is why the old fashioned shaving kit is back, and it looks like it is here to stay. 

What is an old-fashioned shaving kit and what is a traditional wet shave?

Inside an old-fashioned shaving kit is a double edge safety razor, shaving cream or soap and a shaving brush.All three items are essential for a best possible shave. 

In a traditional wet shave you need to keep your face adequately slick and lubricated all the time you're shaving to lessen, if not altogether do away with possible irritation. For this, you need a good quality shaving cream or soap to produce a consistent lather that should stay all the time you're shaving. Your shaving cream should also have moisturizing properties that will be good for your skin.

You use the shaving brush to whip the cream into a consistency thick and smooth enough so that it stays slippery to make it easy for the razor to slide over. The shaving brush is designed to exfoliate your skin mildly, remove dead and dry skin cells and lift the hairs, preparing them for shaving.

The razor gives you control to cut hair at the desired and accurate angle so as to minimize if not exactly avoid irritation. .

The idea is to cut your hair as close to the skin as possible without doing damage to the skin. And this can only be achieved by preparing your skin thoroughly with the shaving cream and using a good quality single-blade safety razor with a blade sharp enough to cut the hair at skin level. 

Why go back to the old fashioned shaving kit? 

Let me give you three reasons why; 

1. Gives a closer, better shave 

Shaving with a safety razor lessens ingrown hair, shave bumps and skin irritation which usually accompany a shave with a cartridge razor. This is because there is only one blade that touches your skin as you shave. 

When using a multi-blade cartridge with 5 blades and you repeat the shaving process thrice over an area of your face, then you have laid bare that area of skin to 15 glides of a blade. On the other hand, if you’re using a safety razor you only need one blade to cut through the hair on your face.

Every time a razor blade glides along your skin to cut the hair, it is also removing the thin outer layer of the skin.The repeated passes of a razor on your skin is the cause of razor burns and other irritations since it scrapes away the skin’s lipid barrier and bares the skin underneath.

2.Cheaper in the long run

The initial investment on an old-fashioned shaving kit may be a little expensive but in the long run you'll realize that it turns out cheaper than using cartridge razors. Razor blades are quite cheap. A year supply of razor blades would cost about the same as the cost of a pack of cartridge razors. 

3. Good for the skin

Shaving with cartridge razors could cause razor burns, ingrown hair, shave bumps and other irritation. It also results in the skin being over exfoliated which leads to premature aging. All this can be avoided by using a safety razor. 

Also, using shaving soap or cream is much better for the skin since they double as moisturizer for the skin. Unlike the shaving foam which has ingredients such as propellants that are not good for your skin.

The shaving brush on the other hand mildly exfoliate the skin and remove dry skin cells at the same time lifting and preparing the hair for cutting. This prevents the occurrence of ingrown hair. 


There are more reasons why the old fashioned shaving kit is back and most likely here to stay. For now however, these three reasons should be enough to convince you to try shaving the old-fashioned way.

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