Old Fashioned Shaving Kit: The Top 3 Products Compared

Technology has impinged on every aspect of human activity, including men’s daily shaving ritual. Some of the more modern replacements to the traditional razors are marvels of technology that promise the closest and cleanest shave ever, and some are just so cheap that it has become disposable. Sad to say that convenience and economy have relegated the safety razor or straight edge razor used for a traditional wet shave to oblivion.

More recently though, more and more men are appreciating the benefits of the traditional wet shave handed down from generation to generation to their fathers and grandfathers. Now, we see the resurgence of the popularity of the old fashioned shaving kit in the number of products that are presently available in the market today.

If you are intrepid enough to have a real, authentic, closest and cleanest shave you’ll ever experience, try to shave the traditional way. For starters, check out our top 3 old fashioned shaving kit and choose one that appeals to you. 

Old Fashioned Shaving Kit: The Top 3 Compared

Our top 3 traditional shaving kit are:

  • Ultimate Shaving Kit Set by Maison Lambert
  • List Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave SetElement
  • List EleA P Donovan Straight Razor Kitment

Now, let’s look at their features and compare their advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons).:

About the product

This Ultimate Shaving Kit by Mason Lambert is a tough act to follow. For one, it is handmade in the purest French tradition.

The kit contains a black shaving brush made of 100% pure badger hair with a faux horn handle. Badger hair is a better choice to boar’s hair since it is softer and more durable, although a bit more expensive.

Next item in this deluxe kit is a double-edge safety razor complete with 10 extra blades. Other items include a shaving bowl, a brush stand, an organic aftershave, organic shaving soap and a free or extra organic body soap.

In addition to the luxurious shaving brush, what spells the difference between this shaving kit and the other kits available in the market are the sybaritic ingredients that go into the hypoallergenic organic soap and aftershave; jojoba oil, argan oil, bentonite clay, cocoa butter and aloe vera. They will not only make you smell good, most importantly they act as moisturizer that will ensure a smooth shave, won’t irritate your skin and help prevent razor burns.

The whole caboodle is opulently packaged in a stunning wooden cigar box.


  • This deluxe shaving kit is completely handmade
  • Contains a brush made of badger hair that is soft and durable
  • Soap and aftershave are made of organic ingredients that do not contain allergens and chemical that will irritate the skin
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    The shaving soap acts as a moisturizer that hydrates and lubricates the skin
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    Includes a bowl and brush stand


  • A bit more expensive than the other kits because of the extra blades, soap and aftershave that the two other kits lack

About the product

This old fashioned shaving kit comes with a superior Parker 29L safety razor and a genuine badger brush with an elegant chrome and ivory handle. It also includes a chrome stand. However, it does not contain any shaving soap aftershave or balm. One advantage though is that you get to choose an aftershave and soap of your preference rather than be limited to what the kit provides. .

This shaving kit will surely give you a close and clean shave barbershop style, in the comfort of your own bathroom.

A detail worth noticing is that this badger brush is a bit stiff compared to other badger brushes but softer than a horsehair or boar’s hair brush but not comparable in softness to a silvertip brush. 


  • Comes with a first-rate handmade brush and razor
  • Material of the brush is genuine badger hair
  • The Parker 29L safety razor is durable and will give you a long service life
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    Includes a stand that looks elegant on your countertop and will keep the brush dry when not in used
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    You don’t have to pay for aftershave and soap whose scent is something you may not like


  • Does not include extra razor, soap and aftershave that you will need to buy elsewhere before you can shave.

The straight razor in this set is made of a superior Japanese steel that is not replaceable by disposable razor blades, but it comes out of the box razor sharp. To keep the blades in the same sharp condition, the kit contains an abrasive paste and a leather strop for you to polish and hone it after every shave.
The brush of this kit is also made of badger hair like the two other sets, but like the Parker set, this kit does not include an after shave and a shaving soap. 


  • The Japanese steel razor blade comes out of the box sharp and ready for use
  • Contains an abrasive paste and a leather strop for honing the razor
  • No need to buy disposable blades for this kit
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    Comes with a soft badger brush that will stand the test of time


  • You need to spend time to hone and maintain the razor
  • The blades could become dull due to poor maintenance and rough handling. In such a case, you will need to have it sharpened in a knife shop.


These old fashioned shaving kits are the top 3 in their category, and for good reasons. Their contents are not only of superior quality, but they are not that expensive either. Any one of these shaving kit will serve you well as a starter kit, if and when you decide to go the traditional shaving way.

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