Men’s waxing: Is it worth the pain…?

I’ve read somewhere that the metrosexual man is dead, but with men’s waxing slowly but surely gaining traction, I somehow can’t believe it. The vain dude is here to stay.

He has even gone one step further !

Instead of just shaving to remove body hair, he is now into waxing. And we’re not talking here of just the fuzz in the mug. The chest, legs, shoulder, back and even the butt and the nether regions are also enjoying such close attention.

My question is, men’s waxing, is it worth the pain? Because I know it hurts, oh how it hurts!

But first let’ go to the why of it.

Why do men wax?

In recent years, men have been investing a great deal into their grooming. Proof of this is the booming market on male grooming products not only on the domestic front, but on the global arena.

The male species is into the business of looking and feeling good. And for some men waxing is part of their grooming regimen.

But why wax, not just shave? 

Shaving is not exactly the most efficient method of hair removal. If you are the type whose hair grows as fast as you can blink, you might end up shaving everyday just to keep pace with the growth. That and the other reasons below are why man’s waxing is worth the pain.

1. Look, no cuts!

When you work with a sharp object such as a razor blade, nicks and cuts are to be expected. What is worse is when you cut yourself in sensitive areas such as in the neck, the armpit, and worse, down there!

And if there is a cut, an infection is not far behind. Plus, multiple use of your blades can bring about bacterial contamination and inflammation.

A nick on the cheek is also not a pretty sight while a cut down there could be very painful and uncomfortable. 

With waxing, you can say goodbye to the distressing cuts. While in waxing there’s a little bit of pain, I can assure you the pain is short-lived and bearable and the degree of pain varies depending on what and where you’re waxing and your threshold to pain.

Expect some redness and a pinch of discomfort that are likely to disappear the next day. Then, you can enjoy smooth chest, shoulder and back!

2. Longer lasting

When you wax, even the roots are uprooted, that means the hair will take longer to make an appearance again. You can at least have 2 weeks of clean smooth skin, whereas if you shave, you might need to shave daily. And your skin won’t like it. Shaving everyday could irritate the skin.

3. Welcome finer and thinner fuzz

A consequence of waxing is weaker hair follicles, this means the re-growth is much finer and thinner. If waxing becomes you regular hair removal practice, a time will come when hair in the waxed areas will hardly be noticeable.

Does it hurt?

I won’t lie to you, waxing hurts! But not as much as some guys would want you to believe. It all depends on the what and where you’re waxing. Some men say it hurts most on the chest, while to others waxing the pubes is insanely painful. Again, what constitute as pain to others may just be a slight discomfort for some, Not everyone has the same threshold to pain.

And as you continue waxing, the next becomes less painful than the previous.

So, men’s waxing, is it worth the pain? My advice is, try it and find out for yourself. Personally, I don’t mind the slight pain, in fact I think it is negligible. And as they say, no pain no gain! I assure you the gain more than compensates for the pain. 

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