Men’s Shaving Set: The Ins, Outs Of Wet Shaving And Top 3 Products

A traditional wet shave takes you back to a time when real men considered shaving a ritual, a sort of rite of passage that separated the men from the boys. Unfortunately, convenience, the fast life and massive marketing campaigns drew men away from such a wonderful tradition of a truly great shave. .

Still, there is hope! More and more men are re-discovering the benefits of a wet shave and the age-old tradition is slowly coming back to life.

To guide the newbies in the art of wet shaving, we suggest they get a men’s shaving set. The ins and outs of wet shaving and top 3 products will be discussed in this article to help them achieve their goal of a great shave experience. 

The ins and outs of wet shaving

Let’s start with the tools of the trade;

  • Water
  • Shaving soap or cream
  • Safety razor or straight blade razor
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    Shaving brush 
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    After shave 


Everything starts with water, that’s why it’s called a “wet” shave. Your whiskers and your skin need to be prepped with hot/warm water to soften them in preparation for the shave. If you shave after a warm shower, then it serves the purpose. Otherwise, you can always splash warm water or use a warm wet towel on the area that needs the shave.
You will also need water to soak the brush and whip up a lather with soap or cream.

Shave soap and/or shave cream

Some men’s shaving set comes with a shave soap or cream. If your set does not contain either one, you will have to get them elsewhere. Make sure that you’re getting quality soap/cream.

Shaving brush

Most wet shaving set include a shaving brush. The most popular brush is either a badger brush or a boar brush. You need the brush to whip up a lather with the cream or soap. Starting with cream followed by soap will give you a richer lather.


This is the main ingredient in a men’s shaving kit, the razor. Whether you’ll use a safety double-edge razor or a straight razor will depend on the set you will decide on.


An aftershave can be an afterthought. Men usually splash on aftershave to close the pores. But cold water will have the same effect if you’re not the aftershave type of guy. 

How to wet shave

Now we go to the “how to”and we will do it step by step. What we have here are the very basic steps in wet shaving, Some of the more experienced wet shavers may follow a different pattern, but basically, this is it. 

  • Step 1 - Start by softening the facial hair and skin underneath it by either taking a hot shower, splashing warm to hot water on the surface area or applying a hot/warm towel on the area to be shaved.
  • Step 2 - Optional
    Apply a shave oil or lotion to help in making the skin slick and smooth before applying the lather
  • Step 3 - Create a lather with the shave brush together with either water & cream or water & soap on a bowl ( could also be included in the set) or directly on your face. Applying the lather with a brush lifts the hair and makes it easier and smoother for the razor to cut it.
  • Step 4 - Start shaving. Using a double bladed safety razor or a straight razor, has the same effect, give you a close shave not possible with the modern gadgets you have today. You can either give your facial hair a single pass with the razor or multiple passes depending on how long or thick it is. Lather your face after every pass to ease the passage of the razor. 
  • Step 5 - Splash your face with cold water after the shave and apply an aftershave to close the pores

Men’s shaving set; top 3 products

Your wet shave journey will not come to pass without a men’s shaving set. The ins and outs of wet shaving can only be accomplished with a razor and a brush that are the basic elements of a wet shave set. Here are the top 3 men’s shaving set products; 

This is considered the shaving set for kings, with its Merkur 38C safety razor; PB3 badger brush with silver tips; Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream; chrome plated brush and razor stand; a 10- pc pack of Merkur blades; and a Royal Shave styptic pencil thrown in. You cannot find a more complete set than this.

The Merkur 38C safety razor comes with a long handle with a spiral design like that of a barber pole while the shave brush is a PB 3 silvertip badger shaving brush. The two, together with the chrome plated stand for the razor and brush will be a great decor accent to your bathroom counter while making sure that you have everything close at hand for that next shave, In addition, the set also includes a shave cream--Taylor of Old Bond Street, a brand/scent that stands for British shaving tradition and luxury. The styptic pen is thrown in for any nicks or scratch you will earn along the way. 

This is another premium men’s shaving set with its long-handled Merkur 20C safety razor, a PB2 shaving brush, ceramic shaving bowl and black brush & razor stand, and sandalwood shave soap, all from RoyalShave. A pack of 10 blades is also part of the set. .

The PB2 shaving brush is made with badger hair with large bristle knot for broad, easy stroke. It comes with a sculpted body in a high grade resin handle for an easy grip with wet hands. On the other hand, the Merkur 20C safety razor is a 3-piece safety razor from Merkur, the name that stands for design, quality and experience. The 20C is a safety razor with a longer handle made with anodized aluminum metal that feels like rubber for a better grip. 

This men’s shaving set from Parker is the 3rd of the top 3 products in our list. It includes the Parker 71R razor, a 3-pc closed comb safety razor that provides an efficient yet not so aggressive shave. The handle has a rough texture for a no-slip, steady grip. The brush is pure badger bristle and it also comes with a brush and razor stand. That it comes from Parker is already an assurance that you’re getting one of the best. 


When you finally decide to jump on the bandwagon and join the growing number of traditional wet shaving converts, get a men’s shaving kit. The ins and out of wet shaving and top 3 products are all here to serve as a guidepost for you. 

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