Men’s Safety Razor: The Top Products in the Market

Civilized men like you have to shave, whether you sport a clean shaven look or have the most luxuriant beard ever. And because you need to shave, you should have a razor as one of your  grooming device. The only question is, what kind of razor should it be. These days there is no dearth for options when it comes to razors; straight blade razors, electric razors, disposable razors and safety razors.

If you’re still using a disposable razor, maybe it’s about time you think of shifting to a safety razor. We will discuss the advantages of a safety razor over the other kinds of razor in another article. What we want to focus on is the safety razor. We want you to find the number one men’s safety razor that will work for you, That is why we will compare 5 of the most popular men’s safety razor these days. Here they are;

The Merkur Futur safety razor is a double edge, adjustable safety razor with a long handle to provide men with large hands or men who just want the feel of a long razor plenty with space to maneuver. It has an adjustable control feature that will allow you to modify the angle of the blade to a setting that will give you the closest shave. There are 6 settings available, 1 - 6; 1 is for a small blade gap and 6 for a more dynamic larger blade gap. You can do the adjustment while you are shaving, for example, when you reach the neck part which is a more sensitive area, you can shift down to 1 which will give you a more gentle shave. This safety razor is from Solingen, Germany, known as the city of blades.


  • Adjustable control of up to 6 settings
  • Sturdy, attractive design
  • Long handle
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    Just the right weight 


  • Big head that could be difficult to navigate over the nose and lip area

This safety razor is from Edwin Jagger Company of Sheffield, England, a family owned company with an established reputation of producing men’s grooming products of fine design and craftsmanship. This safety razor is a prime example of such products. Although,they have other razors in their product line, the chrome plated DE89L is a big favorite by many for many reasons. The foremost of these reasons is its double-edged design with the best blades for delicate or sensitive skin. On top of that, this Edwin Jagger safety razor also delivers one of the closest and cleanest shave that reduces ingrown hair for whatever skin type,

The DE89L Edwin Jagger safety razor is so well-designed and crafted that it could last you a lifetime. It comes with five safety blades so that you are always shave ready.


  • Terrific body balance
  • Great for delicate and sensitive skin
  • Built for durability


  • Has a shorter handle than usual

This could be the number one men’s safety razor of your choice because of its outstanding features, but again you might find it a little more expensive than the others. Although I assure you, you will not regret paying a premium for the Seki Edge double edge safety razor since you could be using this for a long time.  .

This safety razor made of medical-grade Japanese stainless steel is built with quality craftsmanship and design and is meant to last for almost a lifetime. Its blades are considered the finest and sharpest,  having come from Seki, a Japanese based company famous for its feather blades. It is precisely constructed to give you a gentle shave every time. This also comes with five extra blades.


  • Made of durable stainless steel that could last for a lifetime
  • Provides a gentle shave that lessens irritation
  • Easy to use even for beginners


  • Too short handle 

This men’s safety razor from Parker deserves its name “ultra heavyweight” since it really is heavy and big too. It is heavier and bigger than most safety razors and also with a longer handle. If you have big hands, this is just perfect for you.

It’s heftiness lends to a more aggressive shave that is closer and cleaner without applying too much pressure on it since its weight is evenly distributed. This razor comes in three easy to assemble and disassemble pieces, so much so that if one piece gets damaged or broken, you get to change only the damaged piece. Even if it comes with five extra blades, it can also use any standard blade that are readily available in the market.


  • Built for durability and longevity 
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble as well as clean
  • With long handle for easy grip


  • To some, the weight and bulk could be a problem because of lesser maneuverability

This Muhle double edge safety razor is fondly called by its satisfied users as “The Beast.” And it rightly deserve the term of endearment, since it is one of the safety razors in the market that provides one of the most aggressive shaves you’ll ever get. This is one reason why this is not recommended for newbies in the wet shaving game.

Because of its aggressive nature, this double-edge men’s safety razor provides one of the closest shave a safety razor provide. Some even say that it gives a shave as close as that of a straight razor, without applying too much pressure on it. The open tooth comb construction of this double-edged safety razor with its unique blade angle makes possible a dynamic, really direct shaving approach which is not meant for practiced shavers 


  • Excellent craftsmanship and design
  • The open tooth comb construction allows for a more aggressive close shave especially for thick beard growth using fewer passes
  • The knurl design of the handle prevent slippage


  • A bit more expensive 
  • Not advisable for beginners because of its aggressive nature


Any one of these five men’s safety razor could be the number one men’s safety razor for you, except perhaps for the Muhle R41 if you’re a newbie to wet shaving and the use of a safety razor. What is common to all five products is their durability and longevity of use. These safety razors may be pricier than disposable razors, but in the long run they could even mean some savings for you.

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