Manscaping: The 21st Century Way Of Keeping Yourself In Tip Top Condition

According to the Urban Dictionary, “manscaping is the removal of excess body hair via waxing, shaving and plucking.” It is a term that somehow became assimilated into mainstream vocabulary. And, contrary to common perception, it is not only about hair removal in your nether parts.

Actually it’s a generic term that covers the comprehensive grooming and maintenance of body hair from facial hair to hair on legs, back, pecs, armpits and yes, your pubes. In fact, many men believe that manscaping is the 21st century way of keeping yourself in tip top condition.

Importance of Manscaping

The most common notion of why men manscape is for grooming, to improve ones looks. But the reason why manscaping is a necessary evil is not limited to looking good. It is basic for personal hygiene plus it prevents body odor.

Manscaping is also a great way to flaunt your own unique image, catch the attention of a present or potential partner, build your self-confidence and feel good about yourself. 

It’s all about dignity and self-respect, 

A man who has learned the art of manscaping is a man who takes pride in himself. He has made the choice to take control of his body and focus attention on his best features. 

Looking good and well-groomed should be of prime importance to you. It will not only give you self-confidence it could also lead to success in life; not only in your personal relationship but even in your professional and work life. 

Common Manscaping Practices


The most popular and accepted manscaping practice is shaving, It removes hair with the use of a razor and the prefered way of manscaping for areas with finer hair such as the face, the legs and underarms.

It is the least expensive of manscaping methods, plus it is painless, easy and quick. The shaving cream also acts as a moisturizer that keeps the skin soft.

Usually. it is applied to hair removal in the face, neck, legs and armpit. You can never get away from shaving your facial hair even if you’re sporting a beard. It’s a curse (?) for being a man. You’re condemned to mow the lawn regularly if not daily. A beard needs trimming constantly, but when you get tired of it, you shave it.

The legs and armpit are a different story. I can’t quite imagine a guy with the legs and armpit shaved clean, doesn’t seem masculine at all. But this is a personal choice, you choose!

Shaving the hairs on your back and chest has become quite popular especially in the summer and as a consequence of the current manscaping trend. It’s a most effective way of showing off that six-pack abs you’ve been hiding underneath the fur.

A most controversial issue when it comes to manscaping; the 21st century way of keeping in tip top condition, is shaving the hair on your butt and groin. It is a personal choice that is getting a lot of acceptance from men and even from their partners. For those who are not ready to take the plunge all the way, a good trim down there is the best alternative. 


Manscaping is also accomplished by waxing, a hair removal technique that removes the hair from the roots. As the term connotes, it is done using wax and the procedure is not exactly painless, but tolerable. If you want a complete and long-lasting effect, waxing it is for you. Regrowth is not expected to show for at least three weeks, at the most eight weeks.

Waxing facial hair has its pros and cons. As I mentioned above, it takes a longer time for hair to grow back. Your daily morning ritual will be shortened since you don’t need to spend time shaving. And, once waxing becomes regular, the regrowth becomes lighter and thinner and less noticeable.

The biggest disadvantage is the pain or discomfort especially because the skin on your face is a lot more sensitive than those in other parts of your body. But the pain also depends on your threshold to pain.
Waxing the chest, back and even the groin is what many think manscaping is all about.

As I mentioned earlier, its not limited to that, but this notion came about maybe because waxing is really the better method of hair removal from those area.
Waxing is best for coarse hair since it sticks to the wax well, making it easy to pull it from the roots.

Waxing is a bit more time consuming and takes some experience and preparation, but it is a better option for removing hair totally. 


Manscaping, the 21st century way of keeping yourself in tip top condition offers you a lot of option for looking and feeling your best, some you need to do like removal of facial hair, the rest you can choose to have.The bottomline is manscaping is something you can’t do without. 

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