Male Hygiene Products – The Top Five Products Combined

Personal hygiene is a basic requirement for health and well being. Even the simple act of regular and proper hand washing will effectively remove harmful bacteria and germs from the hands and prevent it from spreading. Taking a bath regularly and keeping the body clean could prevent infections and illnesses due to viruses and bacteria.

One aspect of hygiene which is seldom talked about, or if it ever is mentioned, it's usually done in whisper, is intimate hygiene especially for men. In this article we will discuss intimate male hygiene products; our top 5 products combined, to give you an idea what best to use to take care of your most intimate self.

Intimate hygiene is as important to men as it is to women. Unfortunately, it’s an issue that is not openly and extensively discussed. Few men really take their intimate washing seriously or that they consider it as an important aspect of personal hygiene. It is imperative, that you as a member of the male population, understand that intimate washing is as important as brushing your teeth or washing your other body parts.

Hopefully, after reading this article you can incorporate intimate washing to your daily shower or body washing routine. 

Male Hygiene Products; Our Top 5 Combined

For your benefit, we have combined 5 of the top intimate male hygiene products in this article to give you the opportunity to compare them feature by feature, before finally deciding on which one is best suited for you. Our pick for the top 5 intimate male hygiene products are:

Bond’s intimate wash contains an antiseptic agent that is an effective bacteria remover which has better cleansing ability than regular soap. This intimate male hygiene product helps lessen the risk of infection as it eliminates undesirable odor due to mundane activities. It also works great at washing the residuals from lubricant and condom use after sex.

It is a gentle, soap-free, PH-Neutral product that aids in restoring moisture and lessening soreness men sometimes get from using soap. It also curtails sweat discomfort as it leaves a cool sensation even with only a small amount used. Bond’s intimate wash can be used on your most intimate parts as well as in the groins, under the armpit or any area where you sweat the most

Intimate wash for men by Skin Elements is super hygienic as it removes itching and odor from your most intimate parts. It contains 100% pure Tea Tree Oil acknowledged for its superior anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial effects. It also contains other antibacterial ingredients such as aloe vera and calendula extracts which are considered as a soothing balm for itchy, sore and inflamed skin. Witch hazel extract is also included in this product, a naturally occuring astringent.

The most conventional use of Skin Elements Men’s Intimate Wash is as a toner for restoring pH balance. 

This product which is labeled “Masculine wash”  from DIEM Duroil is a non-irritating foam wash which is a special combination of botanicals and natural herbs especially formulated to gently wash delicate skin. The product does not only leave a cool and fresh feeling but also leaves a refreshing scent of agar wood. It does not cause discomfort or irritation but keeps the skin in the thigh, testicular and genital area moist, smooth and supple. It is made of a soap-free formulation that makes it an excellent daily cleansing agent to promote body hygiene, and rejuvenate  and protect the skin of a man’s most intimate part. On top of that, it also prevents and gets rid of odors from the male genitals. ,

This intimate male hygiene product has a cooling system that keeps the genital area cool, revitalized and refreshed, increasing your manly pride. It is made from cleansing ingredients that are rich and naturally derived to exhaustively get rid of impurities in the genital area. It is also meant as a protection against unpleasant odor, skin problems and itching. 

This male hygiene product is an excellent post-manscaping treatment since it soothes and hydrates the skin as well as mitigates razor burns. It has Tea Tree Oil that is a great cleansing agent and Aloe Vera that is a known moisturizer and has healing properties. The product also relieves itching and rashes as well as acts as neutralizer for odor in the genital area, One edge of this product over the others is that it does not leave a sticky residue, instead it dries with a powdery feel.


Reviewing the features of each and and every intimate male hygiene products, our top 5 combined, will give you the idea that there is not much difference between them. All are meant to clean, soothe, refresh and neutralize odor in the male private parts. Adding intimate washing to your daily shower or bath using any one of these products will make you feel like a new man.   


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