15 Male Grooming Myths Exposed

Men’s grooming has become a multi-million dollar industry with thousand of “for men only” products flooding the market. As a result, a lot of male grooming myths surrounding the male grooming regimen have proliferated, making it difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Although some of these myths have a grain of truth in it, a lot more are an embellishment of a spec of reality, while a few are pure yarn.

After sorting through the chaos we came up with 15 male grooming myths, exposed them and give you the truth about them.

The 15 Male Grooming Myths Exposed

1.Shaving is a sure way for facial hair to grow faster 

There has been no scientific findings that has proven that shaving your facial hair, or any body hair for that matter, will increase the growth rate of hair. It is a genes thing, and has nothing to do with shaving. But regular shaving, does make facial hair appear thicker and healthier. 

2. More is better when it comes to shaving cream

This is one male grooming myth that needs to be exposed. Slathering more shaving cream on your face will result in a better shave.


All it will do is produce more lather and deplete your shaving cream faster. This must be a fairy tale creation of shaving cream manufacturers to increase their sale

3. Shaving after shower will give you a better shave

There is truth to this. Your pores open up during shower because of the steam. This allows for a closer, smoother, cleaner and therefore, better shave.

4. Applying a motley collection of skin care products is bad for your skin

Too much of anything is bad. The same is true with skin products.Plus, some men have sensitive skin that reacts negatively to skin products, especially when there is too much of it. Sticking to the basics such as a moisturizer and a toner will already do wonders for your skin, why want more?

5. Excessive exfoliating can damage the skin

There is no truth to this male grooming myth. Exfoliation is a necessary grooming facial regimen. It does not damage the skin, it removes dead cells so that a new healthy skin will emerge. You can either mix your own natural exfoliator or get a good exfoliating product.

6. Beards don’t need much washing almost as much as other body hair 

This male grooming myth exposed must have been made up by lazy men who find washing beard tedious. If there is one body hair that needs to be washed more, it’s your beard. In addition to the dirt and grime your hair catches, your beard also ensnares food debris when you eat.

7. Regular soap is just fine for your face

False! The alkaline content of regular soap dries the skin which can be the cause of flaky skin and rashes. If you want a clean, clear mug, use a good facial wash!

8. Applying moisturizer after washing your face is a must

There is no hard and fast rule about moisturizing. Some men have naturally oily skin that do not need to be moisturized. Others though are not so lucky.

9. Hair will grow faster when you’re on a holiday in a warmer destination

Not really! Although living in the tropic does make the hair grow a little faster because the heat causes more blood to flow to the scalp, a one week holiday will not matter at all.

10. Cheap skincare products bring the same results as the more expensive ones

Don’t you believe this! The reason why they are more expensive is because they are made up of ingredients proven to be more effective. Many cheap skin care products do not only contain more water, it’s ingredients may not be of high quality, that’s why it’s cheap.

11. Baldness can be miraculously cured 

A miracle cure for baldness has not yet been found. All the advertised regrow products can only help slow down the balding process, makes what is left of the hair appear thicker or maybe, to some extent encourage growth but they do not stop baldness.

12. Chocolates can cause skin breakouts

Chocolates per se has not been scientifically proven to have ill effects on your skin, although, it is an established fact that poor nutrition and an unhealthy diet do. But to put the blame solely on chocolates for the spots on your face may be stretching it too far.

13. Stress is to be blame for premature grey hair 

Grey hair is a predetermined element of our genetics. So, at some point in our lives, all of us will have grey hair. But if your predisposition to grey hair is stronger, too much stress could cause it to appear sooner than expected.

14. Some foods can make a beard grow faster 

This is another male grooming myth exposed. According to experts, no food can make your beard grow quicker. All a healthy diet can do is to nourish and help maintain a beard in good condition, but it will never hasten the growth process.

15. Grey beard tends to be coarser 

The color of the beard has nothing to do with its texture. Some grey beard could appear coarser maybe because they lack conditioning or they are full of split hair but not because they are grey.


Out of the 15 grooming myth exposed, we have debunked some and have proven a few to be true. Hopefully, this will help you in your search for a better way to improve your grooming routine. 

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