Grooming Habits All Men Should Get Into – The Top 25 Tips

Gone are the days when men go to a barber shop for a haircut while women visit a hairdresser or salon. Nor are moisturisers, hair conditioners, lotions and the like, purely feminine stuff. These days, men spend almost an equal time in the bathroom as women, preening and grooming. I see nothing wrong with that at all. If we women want to look our best, so do men. And we, women love that…. well, up to a certain extent.

You, however, do not have to spend hours on end in the bathroom nor is there a need for you to break the bank buying all sort of grooming products. All that you need are some grooming habits all men should get into to turn you into that guy any girl or lady would want to be seen with. Let me give you 25 of these basic grooming habits that can work magic for you. 

The 25 Grooming Habits All Men Should Have

1.Getting a regular haircut

Get a regular haircut and don’t scrimp on it either. If the hair is a woman’s crowning glory, so it is to men. Whether you get a haircut from a barber shop or from a hair styling salon does not really matter. What matters is that you get the haircut that is becoming to you even it is a bit more expensive than what you’ll get from the neighborhood barber. Make it a regular appointment….., say, every four weeks, and not only when friends keep reminding you that it's time to get one.

2. Grooming your hair with hair products that work for you

Hair products for men these days are not as straightforward as the hair products of your Granddad. The number of products alone will overwhelm you. The key is to find what best works for you; maybe a hair wax, pomade or styling cream if you have thick hair. And a spray or some texturizing lotion, if you have finer and thinner hair, to give your hair some body and staying power. Grooming your hair with products that work for you is one important grooming habit all men should get into.

3. Wearing just enough of a scent that is truly you

Not all scents - cologne,eau de toilette, or aftershave- will smell the same for all men. Because of body chemistry, one scent could do wonders for your best friend, but could smell so-so on you. The key is to find your own signature scent. Once you find it, don’t go slapping it or spraying it all over you, making your date want to wear a gas mask in your presence. When it comes to scent, subtlety is the name of the game. If you’re wearing both an aftershave and a cologne or an eau de toilette, make sure that their scent complement each other.

4. A healthy oral hygiene 

A healthy oral hygiene is one of the most important grooming habits all men should get into. We are not talking here of simply brushing your teeth, which of course is a necessity. Brush your teeth after every meal, you don’t want to turn off a date with a sliver of meat in between your teeth. Gurgling with a mouth wash at least twice a day after brushing your teeth is also a good idea. This will keep your breath fresh and will give you the confidence to whisper into the lady’s ear.

5. Manscaping the right way

Trimming down there is not only acceptable, it has also become a grooming habit all men should get into in consideration for a bed partner. A scraggly, tangled and smelly (?) pube hair is a big turn off. But do it properly, and not the porn-star way either. You would not want your partner complaining of irritation from the bristly stubble once the hair starts growing again. The unique challenge of trimming down there is easily done with electric razors widely available in the market.

6. A good face scrubbing 

A good scrubbing with a face scrub for men once a week, and an ordinary face wash the rest of the week will give you a healthy, clean and clear skin. This will give you extra confidence to face the world.

7. Managing your facial fuzz

There’s nothing wrong with facial hair, in fact it makes you more manly. But if you want to wear a beard, a moustache or a stubble, make sure that it is well-trimmed, tidy and clean, A once a week trim will do the trick.

8. Shaving like an expert

A good dry shave with an electric razor will do if you don’t have the time in the morning for a thorough wet-shaving routine. But learn how to do a good dry shave; use a shave oil to prepare your skin first to help the razor glide smoothly over your face and then soak the blades in tepid or warm water to make your pores open and create less irritation.

9. Trimming the eyebrows 

There’s nothing wrong with bushy eyebrows, at least on men. But when it’s meeting in the middle or there are stray hairs below or above the brow, then it needs yours or your barber’s attention. I am not referring to eyebrow sculpting or shaping, let's leave that to the women. What is actually needed is just a little tidying which your barber can do when you visit him.

10. Good fingernail grooming

Some men take advantage of a manicure from nail salons, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But cutting them and filing them at least once a week will do. Cutting your nails after a shower or bath will soften them and makes cutting easier. Push the cuticle around the nail bed gently with a cotton swab soaked in moisturizer to remove the flaky and rough skin.

11. Good foot care regimen

Your feet may not be exposed always, but caring for them is also an essential grooming habit all men should get into. Remove dead skin with the use of a pumice stone after a shower or bath since the skin is at softest then. Afterwards, lather them thoroughly with moisturize. Clip the toenails too regularly, although don’t clip them too short to avoid ingrown.

12. Generous moisturising 

Moisturising is no longer just for women. Men also benefit from it. It prevents the skin from drying out. Choose one with sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.

13. Thorough before-bed face washing 

If you live in the city where your face is the recipient of dust, dirt, and smog, you need to wash your face thoroughly before bedtime to clean the grime out. Avoid using a bar soap to wash your face, it has a drying effect that is bad for the skin. Instead, use an alcohol-free face wash. Washing your face with warm water to loosen the grime is advisable, but finish off with cold water to close the pores.

14. Wearing sunscreen 

Slathering sunscreen on your face even in the heat of summer and the dead of winter is not only good, but necessary grooming habit all men should get into. You may not see the sun during the winter months but the damaging UV rays of the sun that is harmful to your skin is there behind all the cloud, fog, rain and snow.

15. Changing the linens regularly

Changing towels, bed sheet, and pillowcases at least once a week is also one grooming habit all men should get into. Imagine wrapping yourself in a grimmy towel after a refreshing shower or bath? It will cancel the benefit of the shower. The same holds true for sheets and pillowcases. Sleeping on unwashed sheet is like being swathed in a cocoon of grime, sweat and germs.

16. Showering regularly 

A shower a day is ideal, but if you’re too busy and your schedule does not warrant for a daily shower, at least have one after every three days.

17. Trimming nose hair 

Many women think that nose hair is even worse than bad breath. Trimming those tuffs sneaking out of your nose with a nose hair clipper will save you the embarrassment of being ignored by your date.

18. Removing ear and neck hair

Neck hair or long ear hair creeping down your collar is not an appealing sight at all. You can ask your barber to the honors of removing them at least once a month to give you a well-groomed look.

19. Well fitted clothes

Another grooming habit all men should get into is having clothes with the right fit, whatever are their body types. Well-fitted clothes make you look spick-and-span even if you’re only in your jeans.

20. Matching belt with shoes

This is quite basic, you don’t wear black belt with black shoes or vice versa. Basic it may be, but I tell you, it will make a difference to your overall look.

21. Exfoliating 

Exfoliating is something some men would rather shy away from, too feminine they say. But exfoliating, and at least twice a week, is also an important grooming habit that all men should get into.. Exfoliants are meant to slough off deal cells to reveal a fresh, new layer of skin.

22. Attending to eyebags 

If the moisturiser you use is not enough to erase the tell-tale signs of an accumulation of sleepless nights - puffiness and dark circles around the eyes - that makes you look old and unkempt, rubbing eye cream around the affected area will do the trick.

23. Eating a healthy and well balanced diet

Of course, eating a healthy well-balanced diet is also a grooming habit that all men should get into.The food that you eat has a crucial effect on the way you look. You can follow all the grooming habits on this page, still it won’t make you the well-groomed dude that you want to be if you are unhealthily overweight.

24. Having an exercise regimen 

Regular exercise is what the doctor recommends for a healthy body, but it is also great for healthy skin and hair.

25. Managing stress

You might ask, why is managing stress a grooming habit all men should get into. Well, it has been proven that stress has been associated with almost everything that is bad that can happen to a person, including stroke and heart attack. Why would it come as a surprise to you that stress is bad too for your hair, nail and skin? Stress can cause all kinds of skin irritation and even make existing skin problems worse. Avoiding or managing stress will keep you looking good at all times. 

There you have it, 25 grooming habits all men should get into to keep them looking and feeling great! Feeling good about yourself will give you the confidence you need to face the world everyday as well as the courage to approach the beautiful woman across the bar without fear of being rebuffed.   

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