Best Wet Shave Kit: The Top 3 Kits On Amazon Today

Traditional wet shaving is making a come back, and for good reasons. The most important reason being the fact that it gives you the closest shave you will never have if you're shaving the dry way - with an electric or disposable razor and an aerosol or canned foam.

In a wet shave, you use a luxurious brush, which is included in a wet shave kit, to apply the foam created by water and shave soap/gel on the area you want to shave. This action effectively wets and soaks your facial hair and softens it to make shaving smoother and easier. With a traditional razor that is used in wet shaving, the hair is cut as close to the skin as permissible without doing the skin any damage or harm. In the process, the skin is also being exfoliated. Dead skin cells are removed to leave the skin soft, smooth and fresh.

What a great way to start your day!  

The Best Wet Shave Kit in the Market

If you want to channel your energies every morning to a wet shave, start with acquiring a wet shave kit. Here, we will give you a review of the top 3 wet shave kit on Amazon today. Here they are:

The wet shaving set from Nice Home is a professionally designed wet shave set. It includes a pure badger brush, a double edge razor and a sturdy and elegant chrome-finished stand..The stand is essential since it holds the razor and brush to dry, which is important for maintenance and hygiene.

The double-edge razor which is the key to a close shave you’re after, is light and well-built with a sharp stainless steel blade in a non-slip metal handle. The set also comes with 5 stainless steel blades, so that you are shave-ready any time of the day and night. The brush has pure badger hair bristles with a chrome handle that is not only a useful item but also an elegant addition to your countertop. The whole caboodle is packaged in a chic travel case complete with mirror. 

The complete wet shave kit from Gentleman Jon, as the name implies, is the most complete wet shave kit available on the market. Aside from the safety razor and badger hair brush, the set also includes a stainless steel bowl, sandalwood soap, 5 Astra stainless blades, and the legendary Alum Block of Gentleman Jon. It has everything you need to get started on wet shaving. Plus, the products of Gentleman Jon are known to last forever.

Muhle, the maker of this 7 piece wet shave kit, has a reputation for being an innovator in superior quality shaving tools. The set features the famous Muhle Shaving Cream and Muhle R89 Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor. Both these products embody the value and quality which Muhle is famous for.To complete the set, there is a chrome plated stand for you can put away the razor, brush and other small accessories, after being cleaned to keep them ready for the next shave

The Muhle R89 shaving kit also includes a superior-quality badger shaving brush, a shaving dish plated with Kensington Chrome and a pack of 10 stainless razor blades. 


You can get started on your wet shave journey using any of these wet shave kit, the top 3 on Amazon today. All three are of excellent quality, coming from the most recognized makers of wet shaving paraphernalia and products.

Welcome to traditional wet shaving and have a good shave!

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