Beard And Moustache Grooming Kit; Top 3 Compared

Beard and moustache are very much a trend these days, too bad that some of our bearded gents seem not to care about grooming their facial hair. Although a fair number of women believe that beard and moustache are fabulously attractive and the symbols of masculinity, a scraggly and dirty-looking beard is not at all acceptable to anyone.

Maintaining and grooming facial hair is really not that easy. Choosing the right beard and moustache grooming kit is not that simple either. These could be the reasons why we see some bewhiskered men walking around like Chuck Noland in Castaway (at least the guy had no choice). But an urbane male like you has all the choices right on your fingertips. You have no reason to have beards that look unkempt and unwash.

But to help you narrow down your choice, we reviewed a number of beard and moustache grooming kits and compared 3 of the best products that are available on the market, we leave the choice in your hands.

Beard And Mustache Grooming Kit; Top 3 Compared

Our top 3 choices are;

  • Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set
  • Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Set
  • Zeus DeLuxe Beard Grooming Kit for Men

Seven Potions is a British company committed to develop and produce grooming products for men made of all-natural and unadulterated ingredients with exceptional effectiveness.This beard and moustache grooming set is no exception. It includes everything a dedicated beardsman requires; beard brush, beard oil and beard shampoo. The kit comes in a wooden box containing full sized products.

Let’s start with the brush. Inside the box is a superior beard brush made of 100% boar bristle with a pear wood handle that guarantees that there is no beard that can’t be tamed.
Next, is the Seven Potions gentle beard shampoo that works great with all types of facial hair. While it cleans deeply, it does not make the hair dry. It is also quite gentle to the skin.

Last but not least, is the oil. The Woodland Harmony Beard Oil is a product most identified with Seven Potion. It has a delicate masculine scent preferred by discriminating gentlemen. The oil softens the most unruly facial hair as it nourishes the skin to prevent beardruff and beard itch. 


  • Products are made of all-natural and pure ingredients
  • Includes a brush 
  • Grooming products come in full size 


  • Does not include facial hair conditioner and lotion

This beard and moustache grooming kit comes from the American company, Beardsley and Company known for creating products recognized globally for its excellence.Their products are more about hygiene rather than facial hair growth that is why the kit contains not only a shampoo and oil but conditioner and lotion as well.

Let’s check out the items one by one. First is the Beardsley ultra shampoo meant specifically for facial hair. It comes in wild berry and cantaloupe flavors that will leave your moustache and beard fresh and clean.

Then there is the Beardsley ultra conditioner which is a formula specially made for beards, leaving them remarkably smooth and soft. This is followed by a lightweight oil which produces a manageable and easy-to-comb beard and moustache. Massage it on your facial hair, then, comb, brush and style.

The Beardsley lotion is a bonus. It has a spicy Bay Rum scent that has a cooling effect not only on the beard and moustache but also on the skin. 


  • Comes with two shampoos of different scents
  • Products come in full-sized bottles
  • Includes conditioner and lotion not usually found in a beard and moustache grooming kit. 


  • Does not include a beard brush or comb

This deluxe beard and moustache grooming kit from Zeus is specially put together not only to make facial hair look good and flawless but also to make it feel soft and comfortable not only for you, but for anyone who touches it.

So, what’s in the package? A shampoo, conditioner, oil and beard brush, but these are no ordinary products. The beard shampoo is a hydrating shampoo that washes off dirt, grime, oil and other impurities, while the conditioner act as a moisturizer for the facial hair and skin. It is infused with aloe vera and pro-vitamin B5. The oil is Verbena Lime oil specially made for beards. It softens the hair and at the same time fend off dandruff and itchiness.

The kit also comes with a beard brush made with boar hair for a bristle, and everything is contained in a chic burlap bag. 


  • Reasonably priced for an all-inclusive set
  • Beard oil comes with a choice scent
  • Meant to make facial hair look good and feel good
  • Font Awesome Black Tie
    Great manly scent for the shampoo


  • Does not include a lotion and
  • The burlap sac is not so elegant


Rocking a beard and a moustache is not so great if you do not have a beard and moustache grooming kit. These kits include the essentials to make your facial hair not only good to look at but also good to smell and touch up front and personal. 

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