5 Best Straight Razor Kits – A Complete Guide For You

What was the mode of shaving when technology wasn’t advanced enough to come up with trimmers? Of course the straight razors. They were and continue to be one of the crucial ways of shaving. With the onset of removable and replaceable blades, straight razors were pushed away in the corner. But, those days have definitely come to an end. Like every fashionable thing that was a hit once has made a come back, Straight Razors also did. The need to buy the Best Straight Razor Kits is increasing and that is why we have come up with guidelines to help you proceed with buying the best straight razor kit. If you are ready then read along to know every bit about it.

How to choose the best razor shaving kits?

Of course it is not an easy job to pick a razor shaving kit that meets all your needs. With an overwhelming number of choices that are available to you today, we are going to narrow it down to the best product you can pick. Best Straight Razor Kits can give the user a clean and cost free save every time. Maintain your razor and you will be able to reap out its benefits in no time. It is time you make an informed decision on all the points we have to offer you.

  • The presence of a Razor.

In a straight blade razor kit of course the main item is always the straight razor. You need to make sure that the blade that you have is of top notch quality. It should also possess the properties like easy to use, price range and the methods that are used to clean the razor. You have to pick a set of straight razor blades that has been honed from beforehand by a professional. This is going to get started with your shaving without any difficulty. You will understand whether or not a blade is good enough by taking a look at the way it’s made. This means that the steel used in the Razor should be of high quality. The size, shape and handle of the blade needs to be of utmost quality. Keep an eye on the tip of the blade. It should either be straight or round in shape.

  • Price.

You have to consider the price of the Best Straight Razor Kits before you go ahead and buy it. Although, there isn’t a lot of money that you have to spend on razor blade kits because they are always affordable. No matter how high tech choice you make straight razor blade kits come within everyone’s range. It also depends on the person who is buying it. Choose a straight razor blade kit that meets your needs and fits in your budget.

  • The look of the blade.

It is an important thing to keep in mind before you buy a straight razor blade. There are two types of blade – one being the round shape and the other is the square shape. The difference in both the shapes although negligible is still present. The shape of the blade is all about the safety. The chance of injury and cuts is more in a square shaped razor. But, if you pick the razor blade that comes with round tip then this decreases. If you have used a razor blade before you can easily choose the square shape but if you haven’t then choose the safe option.

  • Strops – What about them?

It is an important part of straight blade razor sets. You won’t get the results you want without the use of strops. Strops help to straighten as well as polish the material used to make the razor blades. Strops come in different sizes, material finishing and types. The use of linen, canvas, leather, or compressed felt can give the strops the finishing one needs. They also come in different types. Hanging strops are the best amidst paddle and loom type. There are two different size involved with strops. One being the three inches and the other being the two inches. The difference in size determines the kind of honing you are about to get.

  • Have you considered the style of the razor blade?

Yes, this is another thing that you have to consider when you buy a straight blade razor kit. Didn’t think this to be an important criteria, did you? But, it surely is. If you want an unique and stylish razor then you have to choose the one that comes with a straight edge. There is no added benefit to this except for the fact that it adds a beautiful look to the straight razor blade.

  • Where did your razor come from?

Checking the place of manufacture of your straight razor is another important aspect. If you want the best straight razor kit then you have to go with either USA, Germany or even Japan. OF course other countries are involved with the manufacture of straight razors but these are the countries that produce the best.

5 Best Straight Razor Kits to choose from

The task of picking out a straight blade razor from an array of so many is a daunting task. Then, why don’t you leave it to us? We have created a list of straight blade razors that you can go through before you purchase one.

1. Equinox International Barber Straight Edge Razor with Steel Razor

Equinox International Barber Straight Edge Razor with Steel Razor

Nothing speaks of masculinity and style more than a straight edge razor blade. This product here is something that crosses all barriers in terms of style, price range, quality and use. It is made with stainless steel that tops in terms of material used for making razors. The everyday task of shaving will become more convenient with the use of this razor. Add beauty to your bathroom and get clean, effective and flawless shave within a matter of minutes with Equinox International Barber Straight Edge Razor with Steel Razor.


  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient to hold.
  • Chances of injury or cuts are minimized.
  • Blade can be easily removed and replaced when it loses its sharpness.
  • Amazing to look at.
  • It fits in the price range of all.


  • There has been complaints about the material of the razor. Apart from that it’s good enough to use.

2. DOVO Straight Razor 5⁄8 Olivewood

Dovo Best Quality 5/8" Half Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor - Black Celluloid

The presence of a wooden handle with this straight blade razor adds all the charm one needs from their unique shaving equipment. The rustic look of the straight blade razor is accompanied with high quality blade for smooth and easy shaving. This product is considered one of a kind because it is constructed with special care. It is honed and polished by professionals for better use. Bring the touch of authenticity to your bathroom with DOVO Straight Razor 5⁄8 Olivewood. Nothing can affect the durability of this straight razor blade. The touch of water on its blade will not cause any problem to it either.


  • The presence of the blade that is 5/8 provides easier shave.
  • Long lasting.
  • Easy to hold and shave better.
  • The ability to withstand water without affecting the blade of the razor.
  • Undeniable good design and the touch of wood makes it an attractive piece.


  • For a straight blade razor it costs quite a lot.

3. Straight Black Edge Razor Shaving Shaver for Men, Matte-Finish BladeTainless Steel Cutthroat Handmade Sharp, Vintage Pure Wood Handle

Straight Shaving Razor Handle, Cut Throat Barber Shaving Razor, Plain Wooden Design

A product that one will want to buy by just looking at. The addition of vintage look to it along with the sleek razor. The handle is made with one hundred percent natural rosewood material. This is one impressive looking straight razor blade. The user is going to get a smooth shave as if he is just back from the barber’s shop. This exquisite razor will take care of all your shaving needs.


  • The vintage look of the razor.
  • Great and effective shave is offered every time.
  • Use of high quality stainless steel material.
  • The use of rosewood on the handle.
  • Professional type shaving is possible.


  • Might be difficult to use for beginners.

4. Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor Safety with 10 7 O’clock Blades – 100 Percent Stainless Steel Folding Razor – Salon Quality Cut Throat Shavette

Professional Straight Edge Razor for Barbers with Wooden Safety Handle | 100% Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor and 10 7’O Clock Super Stainless Blades

This brand has taken care of every obstacle and has made itself worthy of being the best. With its rust free stainless steel material it can take care of the task of shaving in a few minutes. It has been beautifully constructed for the best use. No matter how thick your stubble is. It is easy to hold and great to use. Fits right into the budget of everyone.


  • High Quality stainless steel blades.
  • Water resistant.
  • Guaranteed longevity.
  • Easy to hold and great to use.
  • No discomfort whatsoever is felt.
  • Useful for beginners.


  • The presence of the short blade isn’t liked by all.

5. Feather DX Japanese Straight Handle Razor

Feather DX Japanese Straight Handle Razor

A straight razor blade that has a really straight blade. Designed by the Japanese, this product is one of a kind. It doesn’t fold like every other straight razor we just discussed. It can endure heat and water without a problem. Neither is it subjected to rust or harmful chemicals in the air.



This is the list of things you have to keep in mind before you plan to buy the Best Straight Razor Kits. Make your choice and enjoy shaving like you have never done before.

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